Research Interests

  • Second language acquisition
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Usage-based and cognitive linguistics
  • Applied statistics in L2 research


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Second Language Studies (Michigan State University)
  • Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition (University of Maryland, College Park)
    • 2016 – 2018
    • Advisor: Dr. Robert M. DeKeyser
    • Thesis: Explicit and implicit cognitive aptitudes, L2 outcome measures, and learning of morphosyntax under incidental conditions (download)
      • Committee: Drs. Michael H. Long and Steven J. Ross
  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Language Science (Kanda University of Int’l Studies)
    • 2012 – 2016
    • Advisor: Dr. Siwon Park
    • Thesis: Automaticity in L2 learning: Theories, findings, and implications.
      • Committee: Dr. Yasuko Ito


  • Maie, R. & DeKeyser, R. M. (2020). Conflicting evidence of explicit and implicit knowledge from objective and subjective measures. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 42, 359-382. Download
  • Maie, R. & Salen, B. (2021). Blustery with an occasional downpour: An analysis of target discourse in media weather forecasts. In M. J. Ahmaidan & M. H. Long (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of task-based language teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 
  • Maie, R. (2019). Interview with Nick C. Ellis. MSU Working Papers in SLS, 10, 1-6. Download


  • Maie, R. (2020, March). Eyeing acceptability judgment task: Automaticity moderates different L2 knowledge and processing. Paper accepted for the American Association for Applied Linguistics, Denver: CO. Download
  • Maie, R. (2019, September). Does automaticity moderate different types of L2 knowledge use in grammaticality judgments? An eye-tracking study. Paper presented at the Second Language Research Forum 2019, Michigan State University, East Lansing: MI. Download
  • Maie, R. (2019, March). Demystifying the complexity of individual differences under incidental conditions: A conceptual replication and extension. Paper presented at the American Association for Applied Linguistics 2019, Atlanta: GA. Download
    • Nominated as a candidate for Graduate Student Award.
  •  Maie, R. & DeKeyser, R. M. (2018, October). Beyond boundaries: Combining methodological approaches to research on acquisition of explicit and implicit knowledge under an incidental condition. Paper presented at the Second Language Research Forum 2018, Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal: QC, Canada. Download
  • Maie, R. & Salen, B. (2018, March). Task-based analysis of target discourse in media weather forecasts. Paper presented for the TESOL 2018 International Convention & English Language Expo, Chicago: IL. Download

Relevant Skills

  • Statistical Analysis
    • Basic statistical inference, Generalized linear (mixed) models, Bayesian data analysis, Latent variable modeling, and Rasch models and Item Response Theory
  •  Software
    • R, IBM SPSS, DMDX, Audacity, EyeLink